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In a world where challenges and developments are increasing day by day and with amazing speed, a world that relies heavily on all modern technology, it has become imperative that businesses and companies keep pace with those developments that the audience everywhere needs at the present time, hence the idea of our company Quick code technology for electronic services comprehensive, to provide our clients everywhere with our comprehensive services in the world of integrated information development, where we work with all our capabilities and skills to the success and development of their business, and we work to reach them to the best results that exceed their expectations and achieve their goals

Our Vision

We at Quick code technology have a vision that transcends us for a better and brighter future, we aspire to achieve leadership in the field of electronic and technological development among all our competitors, through our comprehensive ices that provide real assistance to all kinds of companies and individuals, we contribute effectively and remarkably to the achievement of growth for various businesses, by providing advanced support services to all categories of clients, we participate in making their brands professionally and reach them to the highest levels of happiness, success and gratitude, which qualifies us to reach the position we dream of quickly, skillfully and professionally

Our Mission

Because we at Quick code technology strive to provide the highest quality and credibility in all of our specialized services, we are proud to be based on a solid set of principles that form our mission in the world of technological business, as we are keen to achieve effectiveness in all projects and works that we provide or supervise their implementation, and we strive to contribute to the success and development of business by making it an important and vital part of the life of the target audience and society, which confirms our definite role in the growth and development of the society in which we live, by developing its companies and institutions and putting them on the right way always

Our Services

IT Support

Because we know very well the importance of professionalism in providing IT services to all of our corporate and individual clients, we are working to provide specialized and varied solutions to solve IT systems issues that face many clients while working

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).
  • Installing, configuring and Troubleshooting of IT, Desktop, Laptop and operating systems.
  • Software, and AntiVirus Installation.
  • IT Network Maintenance.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Setup and IT Maintenance.
  • Installing and configuring of computers.
  • Installation and configuration of printers and scanner.
  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting Microsoft office.
  • CCTV Installation.
  • CCTV Security System.
  • Access Control Solutions.
  • Biometric Solutions.
  • Server and Data Storage Solutions.
  • Sound System Solutions.
  • Telecom Solutions.
  • Conference Solutions.
  • Enterprise IT- Infra Solutions.
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We provide a comprehensive range of website design and development services, as we provide professional online store design services that achieve the greatest attraction to the target audience, and services for designing and developing corporate websites

  • E-Commerce Website
  • Custom Website
  • WordPress Website
  • Website Development
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Mobile App

We offer a distinguished group of mobile application development services and e-stores, as we work to develop professional interactive programs for mobile phone systems of all kinds (IPhone, IPad, Android)

  • Android app (Java, kotlin, flutter)
  • Ios (swift, objective c, flutter)
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Graphic Design

We specialize in all types of creative design that expresses activities and business the various commercial companies, institutions and individuals, where we provide various design services that include:

  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • File jacket
  • Banner
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Content Writing

Writing a professional profile for your company, Writing a professional content for your website

Company profile:

Many brands and businesses fail to recognize the importance of engaging website content, Effective copy is what motivates, inspires, and converts traffic into customers through the power of words, It tells your story and services into clear-cut detail – helping prospective clients trust you and ultimately purchase from you.

Website Content:

Your company profile or marketing flyer represents you and your entire sales team, every single word in it need to be perfectly crafted and the design on point. If writing is not your forté, rest assured that we can help you!

With this, we can offer you:
  • SEO optimization (keyword dense copy).
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Unique content.
  • Concise, compelling & informative content.
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Software development

Desktop software:

Is software installed on the local server and can be linked to the internal network of the organization and make the database shared among the devices of the organization. It is characterized by speed in the performance of tasks and does not need to be connected to the Internet, easy access to the database and making a backup copy, and it is designed in such a way as to serve the main purpose of the organization, to facilitate and organize the work mechanism, The program is very secure and difficult to hack.

Web application:

It is designed in a way that serves the main purposes of organizations to facilitate and organize the work mechanism and can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet in a secure way to manage and follow up on business and make complete reports on performance.

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